What may be on a cassette tape with a brief history of ‘Poetization’

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability


Have you ever thought of to yourself, or expressed it to others, either verbally or through the written word, a scenario in which you find a cassette tape, maybe in the back of the drawer of an old desk you’re thinking about purchasing at a second-hand store, or in a box filled with bric-a-brac collected over the years, for God knows what reasons, under the bed of your Great Uncle who mysteriously disappeared about a year ago? I have. I’d actually be kind of surprised if you hadn’t. Though, I don’t know you, and while it seems preposterous to me, it is possible that you have more important things to do all day than sit around day dreaming about nonsense. Or, as is more likely, you just day dream about other things. What those ‘other things’ would be I cannot, nor do I want to imagine, for this post is mine to do with as I see fit, and so will deal primarily with things I find important. If you don’t mind.

Anyway, what follows below the image of a cassette tape (which is not the one I imagined, but only a common cassette tape that was in the possession of the artist, and so, used as a model for the digital image that illustrates this post) is a description of what could be, if I were to find the cassette tape described above, utilizing a style of writing, invented by its possibly only practitioner, known as ‘Poetization’.

As you, no doubt, noted the term ‘Poetization’ contains the well known word, ‘Poet’ which is generally defined as, “a person who writes poems’, that, as you may already be aware, does not described what the person who invented ‘Poetization’ does, or possibly has ever done unless by accident. However, the beloved inventor of this process was fully aware of this fact, and was, as well, quite familiar with those who claim to be lovers of poetry (you know the ones) who can, unfortunately, on occasion, get really uptight about “this shit” as the beloved inventor calls it, and, in order to avoid having to deal with them (because, come on, you know how they can be), and to basically, what you might call, “cover his ass” he did what all great people do and created a new name for his writing.

Well, I think that about covers it, and as I have no wish to take up any more of your precious time I now present to you another fabulous Poetization from the master himself.




Our hero, after spending the day snooping around the unoccupied home of his long missing Great Uncle, comes across an old cassette tape with the words ‘Listen at your convenience’ written upon it. Then, in order to listen to whatever may be on the cassette tape, he searches for a player which he finds fairly quickly under a pile of magazines in the back corner of a closet.

I load the cassette tape

pressing play

and wait

and keep waiting


nothing at all

pressing stop

I take the cassette tape out

flip it over

and once more

press play

waiting for



just like the other side

there’s nothing

absolutely nothing

my Great Uncle

was a dick

I’m glad he disappeared