It is you, you, you (oh, yeah)

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability


“I said a when it drops oh you gonna feel it
Oh that you were doin’ it wrong, wrong, wrong
(Oh yeah)
Now when it drops oh you gonna feel it
(Oh yeah)
That you were doin’ it wrong and how”


That’s the lyrics from the song ‘Pressure Drop’, as I know it, performed by The Clash. If you’re unfamiliar with it I suggest you do something about that here.





I used to be like you

always having to

‘name things’


‘describe them’

always constantly

‘explaining stuff’

never leaving well enough alone

always flapping my gums

going on and on

over the same ground


and then turning around

and going over it again

and then stopping

to dance about

like a goddamn fool

because of some sign I saw in a coffee shop

telling me to imagine

no one was there