A Really Terrible Thing Happened To Me (just the other day)

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability


You all know me, right? Normally I would take a devastating incident such as the one here I have Poetized™, and simply hold it inside, never mentioning it to anyone, and dwelling upon it while in complete isolation during every waking hour until finally on the verge of a complete physical and nervous breakdown I would call my mother (who happens to be half-blind) and explain to her the exact details of the trauma I underwent to which (in this particular case) she would be as sympathetic as one could hope a mother could be, and as well, see her unfortunate loss of sight for the first time as a blessing.


it was



there I was

as happy as can be


as happy as one has the right to be

in this vale of tears


quite innocently I assure you

I turned my head

to catch a glimpse

of what was outside the train

which seemed to be capturing

the other rider’s attention

(it turned out to be young men playing Cricket)

which though shocking

was nothing compared to

the sight of a used

and then discarded


directly behind my seat