Please, let me explain

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability


This originally appeared under the title “Things being what they are” and was posted on November 11, 2009.



Actually, I’m not sure it ever really ‘happened’. If you visit, as I do on occasion (who, by the way has a whole new look on their website that honestly is going to take some getting used to , and coincidentally is also just one more thing that has changed for your guess is as good as mine reasons.), then, oh, uh, wait, where was I? That’s right, if you visit, or probably any of the other dictionary sites you’ll see that the definition of ‘happen’ is something along the line of “to come to pass by chance; occur without apparent reason or design” which is all well and good as a definition for the word, but not necessarily for describing what..uh, well, what happened. Hold on. I just noticed that the very last definition, the seventh of seven definitions that is, reads exactly as follows, ” Slang. to be very exciting or interesting: “That party was happening!””. This just goes to show that by following the the course of something to its conclusion, seeing it to its end, bitter as that can be, and often is, should be what one does with regularity regardless of being applauded by others or shunned by those afraid of your heaping of profane abuse upon and kicking of that poor sleeping bag down the crowded street. For, you see, the discovery , by chance of ‘the seventh of seven definitions’ makes all of the toil and hardship have meaning, which, while not lessening the severity of  the experiences one must go through to reach certain ways of seeing, it does allow for reasons to be given of how, in the end, it really is alright.