Caturday on the porch, I think it was the Sixteenth of August

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability




Meow meow cat

I received the mouse heads

on my door mat this morning

and the other things

were those

their livers?


I wanted to ask you

in the yard

the rather large frog

did you kill that

and then leave it to rot?

Oh, you did

I thought

it might have been you

yes, yes

it did turn a most ghastly color


I’ll have you know

it was not easy to scoop up

with the shovel

sliding around


flopping about

as it did

quite sickeningly in fact

excuse me?

yes, please

go right ahead

by all means

don’t let me keep you

there must be many birds

in need of killing

au revoir, mon ami