Oh, fiddlesticks!

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability


I’ll tell you what


Jack Horrorchild


has really gone and done it this time

Never have I seen

in all my years

someone with so many

idle hours

savor so much

their squander




How I detest writing formed with letters!

what horribly ancient monster

emerged from dark jungle

with stick in hand

idea in mind

to make those first marks

leading inexorably

past lists and records

into stories and poems

and all of the other

that subjects us to you

and you to us

in perpetual attack

 scratched out by hand

printed by contrivance

and other ways

yet dreamed of

by modern monsters

I ask you


good sir

I do beg you


stop arranging those letters in that way

I cannot stand another word

I fear the sentence that may result

and have witnessed our demise

in the ending

of that paragraph

do you have no decency

throw from your hand that implement for writing

push away from you that keyboard

abandon all forms of written communication

if you truly care at all

for mankind