When in Santa Fe

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability


Guaranteed good times in this Southwestern city


When in Santa Fe

and bored with

taking in the sights

why not purchase

a Star Wars figurine


for example

he does come with battle gear

which is

definitely a bonus


and this is just what I did

and I would never presume

you to have any interest

in such activities


just in case you do

after removing the figurine

(C-3PO in this instance)

from its packaging

pose him

in a life-like

or human protocol droid-like

(it being threepio, after all)


and take a picture

like I (not a professional photographer) did


there you have it

if I do say so myself

I believe I’ve created the illusion

that See-Threepio

(having been barred (because of the “No Droids” policy) from entering Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina)

waits outside

for Luke and Obi-Wan

in Mos Eisley