It was envisaged (by a council of wise elders) that I would appear riding upon the creature’s back under a waxing crescent moon

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability


house creature



Back in the olden times

before even your father’s father

took his first desperate gasp

(wanting without question to live)

(though there were times later that he wasn’t as enthusiastic about the whole thing)

 It was considered incorrect

to use a clause

after envisage

but now

oh yes


like so many things

in this world gone mad

this world of debauchery

this world of “anything goes”

this world that practically begs

cries out

asks incessantly

calls nightly

leaves long rambling messages

texts uncontrollably

wants terribly

waits impatiently

with baited breath

for me

The President and Founder

(who just so happens to wear a type of hat called ‘The Sovereign’ which I have no doubt that you are aware means: A person who has supreme power or authority, so, I’m sure you can put two and two together, can’t you?)

to appear

dressed in some formal


some ritual attire

on this beast

(pictured above)

from some hell undreamt


wreak havoc

(that’s right, havoc)

upon all inhabitants of this planet

(or, upon the creatures who cling desperately to the surface of this rocky sphere (with a sight flattening at the poles) spinning wildly in the frigid darkness of space)


I won’t do it

can’t really

too busy

my apologies


you’re gonna have to find

someone else to take part

in your

sick fantasies


The above and other writings of varying quality to be available in the sure to be big time seller e-book

A bloody eyeball, check! A crucifix, check! A grinning skull, check!

All present and accounted for, sir!

The collected writings of the one we call, Sovereign





 My (very) personal thoughts on

.It was envisaged (by a council of wise elders) that I would appear riding upon the creature’s back under a waxing crescent moon


,1. I really wanted to convey the idea of a long time ago here, like before anyone had ever even heard of Jesus, that long ago, but I couldn’t get past the “Father’s Father” thing no matter how I tried, every time I tried to get rid of it I just kept thinking “But, it sounds so cool, kinda old timey”. Was I right? The readers will have to decide.

2. I definitely have misgivings about the apparent direction this (ol’) world is headed in. It seems bad somehow, but what can you do? It has definitely gone mad though , hasn’t it? It’s not just me, is it? I hope not.

3. I admit to not actually being very knowledgeable about texting being that I do not own a cell phone. A long time ago, but not so long ago that it is shrouded in the mists of time, a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless out of fear that someone reading this will recognize his name, and then, through a series of relatively simple mental steps, figure out who I am, and then (as they say), it will be all over.) and I used to drive around in his El Camino for hours with what is called a “500 series” rotary phone on the dashboard pretending, while at stoplights and also while driving, to be speaking on it as if it really worked. Fun.

4. There is a one of those dichotomy type situations in my presentation of myself as a supreme power or authority (bringing to mind an iron-fisted despot, or tyrannical ruler), and the truth of my day to day life which could be more easily compared to a Holy Man or spiritual leader, kind of “Special Adviser to God” sort of guy.

5. I was (excuse the language, please) fucking psyched to be able to use the word “nay” in the above something having qualities one could, if skilled, convince others were suggestive of poetry. Around the Institute it is often said, “It’s a good day to say nay”.


6. ……..