If being the inventor of soda water isn’t enough

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability



joseph priestlyJoseph Priestly March 24, 1733 – February 6, 1804


You then write:


The Rudiments of English Grammar

A Familiar Introduction to the Study of Electricity

Institutes of Natural and Revealed Religion (three volumes)

Essay on the First Principles of Government

Disquisitions relating to Matter and Spirit

The Doctrine of Philosophical Necessity

Letters to a Philosophical Unbeliever


 Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air (six volumes)

as well as discover something you call

“dephlogisticated air”

which you find

(after testing it on yourself as well as mice)


“five or six times better than common air for the purpose of respiration, inflammation, and, I believe, every other use of common atmospherical air”

and it turns out to be what we now call Oxygen