Center-Finding Rule

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability

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Exact measurements - Copy

Eight and one half by five and one half should be enough, but how can one be sure when there are so many other measurements to choose from.

To get an idea of the size, because it was difficult for me to imagine it, I held up a ruler, first one way and then another; thinking to myself, “Eight and one half by five and one and a half, eight and one half by five and one half”.

This, though I repeated the words in my head several times, did nothing for my confidence in the length and width I had decided upon.

Thinking that another opinion, the opinion of someone who might know, would help I headed down to the small art store in town in order to speak with the owner.

The owner, for that is what I call him, “The owner”, not only sold a wide variety of tools used by artists for the creation of art, but also offered a framing service in which I imagined he regularly made use of a tape measure, or a ruler, and maybe even a yard stick.

As it turns out the owner was full of suggestions, rubbing the back of his head, leaning with both hands on the table in front of him, making faces when he did some figures for my benefit, and just all around putting on quite a show of helping me, which he did.