School Bus (one)

by illimitableoceanofinexplicability

School Bus

An interview with the filmmaker


Svetlana Trumm

(The Institute for the Study of Slightly Varying Circumstances spokesmistress)
 The interview was conducted within the filmmaker’s private residence where we both sat upon the famed ‘purple couch’ enjoying glasses of delicious well water.

ST: What was the inspiration behind making a series of short films about a school bus?

FM: Actually there’s only one film so far. I do intend to make more though, sometime, in the near future, maybe. The inspiration was the proximity. The bus passes very close by my private residence making filming it extremely convenient for me.

ST: Did you ride a school bus as a child?

FM: I did.

ST: Do you think the experience has affected the way you’ve made the films, or I guess I should say, film?

FM: I hadn’t thought of it. No, I don’t think so. Though maybe one of the films, that I will probably be making in the future, could have the song ‘Jesus Loves Me This I Know’ in it which all the children would enthusiastically sing almost daily on the bus I rode to school.

ST: That would be wonderful, all your films are absolutely wonderful!

FM: Thank you.



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